Efficient operations at all times

At 10,000’ (3049m), Stansted’s Category II runway is the longest of any in the surrounding area suited to business aviation, ensuring as safe and comfortable a landing as possible in adverse weather conditions. Stansted sits at 348’ (106m) above sea level and is not restricted to Stage 4 Noise Levels.

Customers can be assured of spending less time taxiing after landing due to Stansted’s dedicated Business Aviation terminals being in close proximity to Runway 04/22, unlike other airports in the area, where corporate aircraft share the same taxiways with airline traffic thus, causing considerable delay prior to take-off and after landing during the busy summer months.


Easy access to the rest of the country

Stansted airport is ideally situated within 35 miles of the City of London and 30 miles of Cambridge. The Bank of England, on Threadneedle Street, is under 40 miles away and the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane is only 34.4 miles away. And with excellent transport links to London, Cambridge and beyond, Stansted forms the perfect starting point for both business and pleasure.


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Travelling on from Stansted

London Docklands  33.6 miles 40 minutes
London City  34.4 miles 49 minutes
London West End  39.1 miles 57 minutes
Cambridge  27.9 miles 43 minutes
Norwich  81.7 miles 94 minutes
Birmingham  124 miles 130 minutes